Wednesday, April 25, 2012


She watches over the activities of her household and her hands are never idle.  (Proverbs 31:27)

Summer is almost here.  The weather is just BEAUTIFUL.  My electric bill has gone way, way down, and will stay that way for a little bit, I hope, at least until it starts getting hot and I have to turn the air conditioners on.  I love having the windows open, except at night when Lacy's puppies squeal and cry.  But I have learned to sleep through that.  My mommy ears only hear the cries of my own babies, not the dog's...

I have decided to make the above verse from the Bible my motto.  My children are actually going to finish the school year early for the first time in our 21 years of homeschooling, and for a few months, I can concentrate on something else.  I have decided to concentrate my Etsy business and see if I can make it more successful.  So this morning, I've been pouring google to try and find hints to make that happen.  It suggests that you should upload a new item or renew an expired item every day to keep your shop on the top of the new listings page.  EVERY DAY???  Wow...  So if I just do it five or six days a week, and each item runs on Etsy for 3 months before it expires and needs to be renewed, then I need to have a minimum of around 75 items on my page.  Right now I have around 20...I have a lot of work to do...

But I also have the summer to do it in: three glorious months of no school (can you tell that's the cry of a homeschooling mom, as opposed to a mom who has her children in a public or private school everyday?  Summer is time off for me as well as the kids!)  I am thinking of a new schedule for myself, so that I can take care of my household, as well as have a couple or more hours a day to work on my Etsy account.

I can never work in a messy house, it makes me feel too guilty.  I have always tried to get up early and get my housework done before school time.  Having a well trained, sweet dispositioned teenage daughter has helped me a lot, and Angel-Leah is a helper-in -training as well.  This little 8 year old girl actually took over making a picnic supper for her brothers and my grandson last night.  My two girls are working me out of a job, and I am so thankful for them!

So my thoughts are: the housework first.  Once the house is at least neat and two loads of laundry done, it will be about lunch time.  After lunch, I will take care of the animals - after all, they are a business in themselves.  Then the afternoon is mine to crochet and work on my Etsy account.

Another suggestion I've found is that you always try to wear something you have made, and then have business cards ready to pass out.   I have noticed that works so well, at the Homestead Heritage festival this year, Angel-Leah and Luke's little sister wore sweaters I made, and I was stopped over and over with people asking about them.  Tommy wore his dragon hat to Antique Alley this year, and we got many comments on that as well.  Now I need to think of something for the kid to wear during the summer, which will be a bit harder.  But I did order business cards this morning so I will be set next time!

I think this is going to be kind of fun.  I dearly love to crochet.  Most of the time, I've looked at it as a  hobby for me, something I did only when I could justify 'goofing off'.  But if I can make a business out of this, I think I will be very happy!

So think of me when you have a baby present or birthday present to buy.  Check out my shop if you want to buy something for your house.  Hopefully, I will really be uploading something every day during the week, so check often.  There is a Etsy button on the bottom of this blog, my newest things will be in the window, but more things will be in the shop so click the link and see what else is new there.  PLEASE, share it on facebook, pin it on pinterest, twitter it, or whatever else you can do to help me out some.  And if you have an Etsy account yourself, put it in the comments section so I can add you to my circle, share your shop on facebook and maybe buy some things myself!!


  1. So funny, the difference between you now and when we were kids. You didn't feel guilty for a messy house back then! ha!

  2. I didn't! It's true! But now, the buck stops with me, and I'm embarrassed!!
    Now, who is this Anonymous person?

  3. I am a new knitter and new crocheter. I actually prefer crocheting but for some things, I like the look of knitting ... so I'm doing both ... even simultaneously. I've got a few websites and projects I've bookmarked. 'Gotta put the kiddos to bed right now but I'll post links later (if you would like that)
    MariaG (Canada)

  4. That sounds silly ... I have simultaneous projects on the go is what I should have said.

  5. Lots of free patters on "lion brand" ... I just finished making "Bebop Cardi" ... which should be super easy for you! My eight year old daughter loves it and will be wearing it for the first time tomorrow to a First Communion. I used the yarn indicated and it turned out great. Caution on the written bobble instructions! I followed them and it was so awkward and ended up ripping it all out after looking online and seeing a video on how to do it. It looks much better when not following the written instructions. Also ... when making the sleeves in Row 8 I crocheted in the closest loop of the chain only ... so the finished edge of the sleeve would look the same as the rs bottom of the sweater. (which you would probably do intuitively but for me was trail-and-error). I don't see anything on the website saying you cannot sell the items you make from their patterns.

    Also a website called "craftsy" that has lots of patterns ... Some that say you are free to sell the products you make. I have not bought this pattern yet but it's on my wish list: Crocodile stitch Booties". It would seem like the patterns designed by this designer, once you purchase the pattern, you are O.K. to sell them. She also sells a very cute crocodile stitch baby hat!

    A blog where I really like the things she makes and the patterns I've bought are very clear and nicely laid-out: the itsy bitsy spider crochet

    I also made these trees out of more of a string-type yarn and they turned out beautifully. I have NO idea if you are allowed to sell the creations you make from the free patterns bit the trees were fun and quick to make :) The Royal Sisters: Grandma Tree Tutorial

    That's a great idea you have to have the family wear/display items you've made and then hand out business cards! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!


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