Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bluebonnet time

One of my favorite things about our house happens in March and April, when the bluebonnets come out.  They are profuse here, and it's a ritual to take pictures in them.  Sometimes we do a lot of pictures with lots of people if I can get them over here during the very few weeks they are at their peak.  This year, so far, I've only gotten pictures of my four youngest children. 

And I had to bribe Mary Susannah to get her to take them.  She is so much better at it than I am.

And by the way, Mary Susannah does take bribes - in other words, she would love to do this as a job.  She is very good if anyone would like pictures made!!  Just give us a call.  Here's some examples for you:

Smelling the flowers.  Bluebonnets do smell good!!

Much more typical of these guys!

Luke in a rare, quiet pose...

And my beautiful Angel-Leah

I had a hard time deciding which picture of Tommy to put on here.  I finally chose this one, just one, because I didn't want to overload you!!  :o)

And Mary Susannah can even use her timer to take pictures of herself!  Isn't this a good one?

I'm such a blessed momma!!


  1. what area are you finding them? I'm only seeing a few areas on the hwy and no way I want to get the kids out there!

  2. These are at our house, Autumn! You are welcome to come take pictures here!

  3. On my way back from church last Sunday, FM-1382 that goes between Cedar Hill and Grand Prairie is loaded for a few miles with them. Plus those orange flowers...I don't know what they are, but together, they are pretty. Lots of people pulled over to take pictures in 'em. I almost did it myself but didn't know what critter may be lurking in the tall grasses... :)

  4. Carla, I would love too!
    Might I ask what your dd charges?

  5. What great pictures of the kids and the blue bonnets!



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