Monday, April 30, 2012

I forgot!!

Six years ago, we adopted our son Luke.  It was a long, hard process, with one worker who was just determined that he would never be our son.  What God did for us during that time was so amazing, I could hardly believe it.  It was a faith strengthening thing, and I thank Him once again - and always and forever!

Every year since that wonderful day, on April 13th we have celebrated Luke's adoption by going to the zoo.

Every year except this year, that is...

I forgot.  The day past, and I forgot what a monumental day it was.  I didn't remember until today that I had forgotten.
Then, when I thought back, I realized I had not only forgotten Luke's last adoption anniversary, but I had forgotten Angel-Leah's and Tommy's, too...

Well, at least I'm consistent...

At first, I felt really, really bad that I had forgotten their adoption anniversaries.  But as I thought about it, I realized that it might actually be a good thing.  Is there a great need to focus on the fact they came into our home by adoption?  Aren't we just a family?

Birthdays, I don't forget.  There's no way they are going to let me forget birthdays.  Christmas, either.

I remember one child who is mine by birth, complaining that the little kids got TWO special days - their adoption days, and their birthdays.  That wasn't fair, he declared.  Well, I could say a lot about that...about being grateful he had not suffered the losses my adopted children suffered.  But he would probably not have understood that.  All he knew was how nice it was to be the "special" one for a day.

So, I will have to let go of the fact I forgot.  I probably won't ALWAYS forget.  But I think it's okay that I did this time...

But still, I think I'll post their slideshows for anyone who hasn't seen them, or anyone who HAS seen them, but hasn't gotten tired of them yet. 

And I will watch them again and remember what God has done, especially in Luke's adoption, a time when I probably cried as many tears as I have over other times in my life, tears of sorrow, fear, and finally, joy!

And I still cry every time I watch these...

Be sure your speakers are on!!

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  1. What charming slideshows. Thanks, Carla, for giving me something to smile about today.

    1. It makes me smile too, whenever I watch them. God has blessed me!

  2. They are beautiful slideshows, you are a great mom.

    Hope all is well with everyone I've been reading and lurking here for a while and miss you posting.

    Blessings to you all
    shelley p
    from over the pond

    1. Well, thank you! I am trying to post more, and also to answer comments better! Thanks for commenting.


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