Monday, August 2, 2010

Tommy is three!!

Tommy turned three years old today.  My baby is no longer a baby, but a preschooler...

Here he is, showing us how old he is.
There are a few people in my life that I count as my heros, and Tommy is one of them.  He went through a lot the first year of his life, and has overcome more than most adults I know.  He is a brave, smart, cute, funny little guy.  I can only imagine the adult he is going to grow up to be.  I expect great things!!

But today, he's three, and still little enough for me to hold, although that's going fast, too.

All three of the little kids could hardly wait to wake up this morning, because new toys are new toys, no matter who's they are!

I got Tommy a back pack not because he goes to preschool - he doesn't, we are a homeschool family, but because he spends a lot of time every day packing toys into WalMart sacks and lugging them around.  I thought a backpack would be something he would enjoy, and I was right.  So far, it's the most played with thing he's gotten.

After we opened presents and got dressed, we jumped in the car and headed to the childrens museum.  My idea was I would let the kids play for a while, then we would see an Omni movie, then go get pizza.
Our first stop at the museum was to watch a 3D short film on energy.  We had to wear those funny looking glasses, and the seats we were in moved around like we were in a plane or something.  We saw dinosaurs that jumped out of the screen and spit on us, big bugs that we felt against our legs, we went under water and got sprayed on again, and saw all kinds of more boring things like drilling machines.  Angel-Leah refused to wear her 3D glasses from the very beginning.  Tommy wore his until the dinosaur jumped right at him and made him cry.  He climbed into Mary Susannah's lap and watched the rest of the film from there with the glasses in his hand.

Then we went to the dino dig, even though it was so hot, they had a man at the door warning us not to stay out more than five minutes or so.

Luke dug an amazingly deep hole:

When it got too hot to stay, we went inside.  The kids played in the toy store, then we went outside again to the water play area.  There was a daddy there who was the biggest kid of all, and he played so hard he actually soaked my children!  They didn't care though - until we went inside again to watch the Omni movie, and they nearly froze in the air conditioning!

We watched the Omni, then left.  Mary Susannah took a picture of the temperature on my mirror.   We knew it was hot!!

We headed over to CiCi's to get some pizza before coming home.  Mary Susannah says when she is grown, she's going to have her own pizza place, and it's going to have a kids section that is toppings only, because little kids tend to eat the tops of the pizza and leave the crusts.  She says she will be rich, and she just might be right.

Now I'm going to throw in a picture of Beau, because he's so handsome...

Beau's the one on the right....

The day ended with a phone call from Nanny, who is Tommy and Angel-Leah's "birth" grandma:

We had just finished ice cream sundae's.  Saturday, we will have a big party at the water park.

Happy birthday, Tommy.  I hope this next year, and in fact, the next fifteen years, don't go by as fast as the last two and a half years have.  We love you!!


  1. My favorite part is that you clarified which one Beau was in that picture!

    Tommy is so cute and I like how he does the number 3 with his fingers.

  2. I laughed out LOUD at the clarification about Beau. What a fun day, I would have completely enjoyed it too!!


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