Thursday, July 29, 2010

Splash Pad

I love living in Grandview.  It is the absolute small Texas town.  It seems like everyone knows everyone.  There is only one stop light in the whole town, and no McDonald's at all.  The closest WalMart is twenty five minutes away, which keeps me from going there too often.  There is a Dollar General, though, so all is not lost.

But in my humble opinion, the best thing Grandview has is the free splash pad.  I love that little place, and so do my youngest children.  Mary Susannah got too big to enjoy it last year, which makes me kind of sad, but I still take the three little ones.  I had it in my head that we would go there several times a week and that would be their evening bath...but life gets in the way, and we haven't gone as often as I thought we would this year.

Lately, with my dad sick, we haven't gone much at all, so today I suggested we go, and they were in the car before I could finish my sentence.  I decided to grab my camera on the way out.  And since I forgot my magazine I was going to take, I was glad I did because it gave me something to do.  I don't dare get wet, I'm too sweet and might melt...

Although I did risk it, and got the camera wet trying to get these two pictures:

I wanted one of Tommy up close because he's so cute, really!  But he thinks water in his eyes will blind him, and the sun was bright besides, so when I told him to smile real quick, this is what I got:

Now, everyone has to admit that face is pretty funny!!  Here's a better one of him:

We do love the water park, as the kids call it.  And you can't beat free.  Living in a small town is just great!!

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