Sunday, June 10, 2012

Illness and natural cleaners

I love natural products, but they are very expensive, and over time I have been teaching myself how to make my own.  I love to clean my house with essential oils, and in fact, it's been a long time since I have bought cleaning products from the store, with all their unnatural chemicals, with the exception of the generic Ajax type cleaner and dishwashing soap.  Personally, I like using soap nuts to wash dishes, but Mary Susannah is the family dishwasher, and she doesn't like using them, so I caved in and bought the chemical stuff.

Having six sons, with two of them still pretty young, the bathroom was where I began.  It seemed like no matter how clean I tried to keep it, it always smelled like tee-tee.  I soon had the brainstorm to clean my bathroom with my essential oils.  I took an empty spray bottle, filled it with water (the first time or two, it was half vinegar, but I have since quit using it), and then I added some essential oils.  My favorites are:

*tea tree oil for it'santimicrobial properties.  It kiills bacteria, fungus's and virus's.  You can add some of this to your wash if someone has been sick.  It's great for infections, and if you have a cavity that hurts, put a drop on your toothbrush and it will keep it from getting infected until you get to the dentist.

*clove oil is also antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Clove oil is the best thing you can have for a tooth ache.  Put a drop on a cotton swab and rub it on the tooth, and the pain goes away almost instantly.

*peppermint oil is also antimicrobial, and antiviral, and it is a natural insect repellent.  If you have a stomach ache, you can put a bit on a handkerchief and put it on your pillow and it will help settle your stomach.  I've also been known to take whiffs of this when I am sleepy to help wake me up.   A drop or two in water on a hot day is a good drink.  It smells wonderful and freshens the air.

*lemon oil is antimicrobial, bactericidal, insecticidal, and it's a really good air freshener.

I might use all of these at once, or any combination, depending on my mood when I refill my spray bottle.

Last night, Tommy came down with the tummy flu.  We walked in the door from a fun evening at my sister in law, Alice's, house, and Tommy promptly threw up all over the living room floor.  Now while this was MUCH better than if he had thrown up in the car, it was still gross, and everyone knows how awful vomit smells.  I ushered my crying son to the bathroom and helped him into the tub of water Mary Susannah had already started, and went to tackle the messy floor.  Angel-Leah watched me.  "Do you like being a mom?"  she asked me as I wiped the floor with a towel we reserve just for things like this.
"Yes."  I answered, intent on what I was doing.
"You LIKE being a mom?'  She repeated, incredulously.
"I LOVE being a mom."  I replied, still only half paying attention.
"Even when you have to clean up throw up?"

Well, okay, except for that part.

I soon had the floor wiped up, and I grabbed my spray bottle essential oils.  I squirted it all over the floor where Tommy had been sick, and then mopped.  The bad smell was gone, and the room smelled like peppermint, which was a big improvement.
I used my oils three more times by the time the sun rose.  Poor little Tommy....

I was pretty glad that Tommy didn't decide to climb into my bed until he had finished throwing up.  Although I would have let him, I sure hate it when they get sick in MY bed...

Tommy is much better now, well enough to move from his bed to my bed to the couch.  He still hasn't ventured much from laying down to playing, although Angel-Leah has given him lots of stuffed animals.  I'm letting him have very small sips of  Sierra Mist, even though he is really thirsty.  We've already established the hard way that his tummy is not ready for anything yet.  That said, he is kind of smiling again, and his worst symptom now is the bad hair he's gotten from mommy giving him two baths, then putting him to bed without drying his hair:

I have put a store page on this blog, and added the oils I've just told you about.  Try them - I think you will be pleased.  Check on the store once in a while, I am planning to add a lot of things I have tried and love to it!


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