Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Boy Named Sue

My daughter Rachael is at the coast, so I had three of her four children with me last week.  As it usually seems to go around my house, nothing is ever smooth and easy, and last Thursday, we had a terrible morning storm.  By 8:30, our power was out, and the electric company said it would be 5 the next morning before it came back on.  Thankfully, Bill had three gallons of water in his office, so we were able to get a drink, brush our teeth and wash our faces and hands, and a few other little things that we take water for granted until we don't have it.  The one thing we could not do was flush the toilet, and if you can imagine a house with one bathroom and ten people...

I take it back.  Don't even TRY to imagine it!

In the hecticness of the morning, time slipped away from me, and I forgot my chiropractor appointment until it was too late, but Dr. Tina was very, very gracious about letting me reschedule.

 Son Spencer called and wanted to eat lunch with us.  Friend Marsha and friend Sara told me about a book sale in Cleburne - a book store going out of business that was selling all the books you could fit into a WalMart sack for $5 a bag!!
Those two things, combined with no electricity, made me decide spending some time away from the house was a good idea.  I cleaned up the kids as well as I could (thank you, Lord, that we all took baths the night before) and we headed to town.

The book sale was absolutely wonderful - a homeschooling, book maniac lovers dream.  I bought four bags, and then we headed next door to McDonald's for lunch.  The kids played while I talked to my big son, which was very nice.

We stayed in Cleburne as long as we could, then after the kids wrangled a promise of snow cones from me, we headed home.

Halfway, grandson Mikey suddenly called out "Look at that turtle!!  It's HUGE!!"

Okay, I'm the mother of six sons and five grandsons, but I'm also a great animal lover, and a huge turtle was too good to miss.  I turned the car around.

Oh.My.Goodness...He was right.  That was the biggest turtle I have ever seen anywhere other than the zoo.  Grabbing one of my grocery bags, Mike and grandson Beetle had soon scaled the fence (HOW do they DO that??) and with much trepidation, this turtle was really big, by the way, they had it bagged and back in the car.

As we drove, I asked Mikey what he was going to do with that turtle.  He said he didn't have anywhere to keep it at  home, so he wanted to leave it at my house in a pen.  I said, "Well, okay, and  we will name it Mikey!"
"No,"  he said, matter of factly.  "I want to name it Steve."


Is Steve a turtle's name?  Well, I guess it is now...

We got it home and carefully unbagged it into the pen.  However, despite our cautions, the turtle lunged and bit Mikey. 
It was scary.  This turtle is BIG!  We all have a healthy fear of it now and give it a wide berth.  We got a tray that goes under a rabbit cage and filled it with water, and gave it some watermelon.

In a few days, Mikey went home, and soon after, Luke came running in, declaring that the turtle had laid an egg.  Unfortunately, in his excitement he dropped it, so we didn't get to incubate it.

I guess we will renamed the turtle Mrs. Steve?

It brought to my mind a very old song that was on the radio when I was young, called Saturday Morning Confusion.  If ANYONE remembers that, raise your hand.  If you don't, you  can youtube it  Some of the lyrics go:  "It's Saturday morning confusion, if you think you can sleep it's an illusion.  Because you'll probably get a rude intrusion from Harry the dog.  Harry the dog is as big as can be, and Harry the dog had puppies last week.  We didn't know if it was a he or a she, now we know!"  Around and around my mind that songs goes...sigh....

Have you ever seen such a mean looking thing in your life?  That eye is looking at me like he's saying, "Yeah, lady, just a little bit closer..."

In other news, Tommy is the best chicken catcher I've ever had.  We just moved the chickens into a newly built area.  We had them all but a few caught, and Tommy is taking care of the rest for 25cents a bird.  He's earned a dollar already this morning.
And he lives in his bathing suit, it seems...

The new cage:

The bunny population is exploding, and I want to add Angora Rabbits.  The picture below is about half the rabbits.  These are the females, I have the males in other cages.

Something ate nearly half my new baby chicks, so I moved them to an outdoor pen, away from the barn.  I suspect rats, because I usually see snakes.

On a side note, I have been nominated for the top 25 moms of teens blogs.  I have put a button below where you can vote for me.  You can actually vote once a day, so if you are inclined, I would love it it you would click the link and vote for me!!

Thanks!!  I'm off to feed Mrs. Steve!! 

Steve the turtle is as big as can be, and Steve the turtle laid an egg last week.  We didn't know if it was a he or a she, now we know.....


  1. What kind of turtle is that?!? It doesn't look like a snapper...

  2. I'm not real sure. My older kids say it's a water turtle. It's just huge, mean looking and flat!


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