Friday, March 2, 2012

Busy Day!

My day started out at 5:30 this morning.  Bill, Mary Susannah, Spencer and Beau got up that early to head off to Red River for skiing, although it was more like 7 before they finally left.  I got up with them and hopped in the tub to start my day because I knew the post office would be calling me around 6:30 to come get the very noisy baby chicks I had ordered.  As cute as they are, the employees there seem very anxious to get them gone!!  And sure enough, the call soon came.

I waited for Bill and the kids to take off so we could wave goodbye,  then the rest of us headed for the post office.  Grandson Jayden (aka Beatle) is spending several days with us, and he got to come along for this wonderful event!  We soon had the chicks home, unloaded from the box and after much cuddling, had them set up in the "chick nursery":

I had ordered forty chicks, and got 42, so I will forgive the company for sending me one with no eyes...

That one has lovingly been placed in a bird cage, and has had much water spilled on him has been faithfully cared for by Tommy this late afternoon.  I don't have much hope for the little guy, but who knows?

We then loaded back up in the car, and headed off to meet our homeschool group at the Waco zoo:

I've been going to the Fort Worth zoo all my life, and have bought many yearly passes over the years of homeschooling my children, but I had never been to the Waco zoo.  The two zoos are about the same distance from my house in completely opposite directions.  The Fort Worth zoo is much larger and fancier and more expensive, but this little Waco zoo has a lot going for it too, the first being much cheaper, and you don't have to pay for parking.
The kids had a wonderful time looking at the animals:

Can you see the alligator in the left hand corner, and the vultures on top of the rocks?

The thing I liked best about this zoo is that there are playgrounds scattered throughout, instead of just at the end like the Fort Worth zoo.  It was wonderful to let the kids play while tired old mommies sat for a while, and took pictures.  This one was at the end, and the kids favorite by far:

Doesn't it look like the horse is screaming because Tommy is choking it?  I didn't notice it until I downloaded the pictures!

Luke and Beatle LOVED these rope swings.  The picture doesn't do justice to seeing them swing on them.

This thing was really fun.  The different squares played different music notes.

I was quite tired by the time we finished making the path of the zoo.  It took a little over two hours, and my back was about done.  The kids thought they would die of hunger - all the little shops were closed for the winter.  So we headed back for the car and looked for somewhere to eat in Waco - after I followed the GPS's advice and went down a one way street the wrong way.  It's always good to pay attention and not just trust the GPS, something tired mommies are prone to do.  I got turned around before anyone saw me, though, and we headed back in the wrong direction to go home, but the right direction according to the one way sign on the road.  Soon we were back on the highway and trying to find a place to eat in an unfamiliar town.  Beatle knew he had seen a What a Burger on the way there.  Luke wanted McDonalds, and Angel-Leah wanted Wendy's.  All I wanted was something to drink...
So we went to Jack In the Box, Beatle's second choice.  My kids had not been to Jack in Box before, so that was fun!

I think by this point, Luke was kind of tired of getting his picture made, but still willing.  It's just looking a little strained...

So, that was most of our day...after that, we came home and I got half to sleep before son Max called and said he was leaving work and for me to meet him if I wanted him to take Beatle back home. 
So up off the couch I got, got the kiddos BACK in the car, went to the feed store and got baby chick feed, went to our preacher's store behind his house to meet Max and pick up frozen chicken legs a lady from church got for us at Town Talk in Fort Worth (don't worry, all my grown children, you don't have to eat it).  Back home with my sore back, I got the 50 pound bag of chicken feed out of my car with Luke's help.  We put that up, moved my new chicken tractor my husband made me that has 15 hens in it (blog about that coming up when the rest of them are finished) got the blind chick settled in his new home, came in and started this blog, had a visit from Rose (see stories from a while back about Rose, she ends up getting our meaner animals, like the goose that chased Tommy and our buck that chased me) and now I am finishing this up.  I think we are going to have smoothies and bread with Feta cheese for supper.  I have four days of not having to make meals for big people!

And thanks to son Gage for leaving his camera behind when he went off to Japan.  I'm...uh...borrowing it, okay?


  1. All of that made me tired, it's nice to see young Children having so much fun, you are truly Blessed.

    1. I am blessed! I remind myself of that everyday!

  2. God certainly does bless you with energy. How the children are growing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day...complete with pictures. We so enjoyed it. Love you all.
    Nanny and Poppy


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