Tuesday, February 28, 2012

update on soap nuts shampoo

I promised to come back in a month and let you know how the soap nuts worked as a shampoo, and as far as I am concerned, I have to say it's a big success!!  I think adding the baking soda helped so much.  Since using this, I think my hair has been thicker, and I know that new hair is growing in around my hair line.
It didn't do much for the gray, though, in fact, the gray may actually be showing a bit more - maybe because I don't have all that gunk that is in shampoo clouding the shine?

The only negative thing I've found is that the ends felt a bit dryer, so I started to rub a small bit of olive oil/caster oil/vitamin E oil into the very, very ends to take care of that.

I added some lemon essential oils to the mixture to make sure my hair didn't get overly oily, and also for the scent.  My son Luke likes it a lot better when it smells good (my girls haven't mentioned it - go figure!)

I've also been squirting it on my washcloth and using it as soap for the rest of my body.  The baking soda acts as a mild exfoliate.   It's good for my skin.

Mary Susannah is the only one who doesn't want to use the soap nuts.  She is quite addicted to flowery scented shampoos.  What 15 year old girl isn't?  That's okay, at least she is hearing about frugal, homemade things, and someday when she is raising a family, she might decide to try this out.  She will know how, anyway!

So...A picture from last month, before I began to use soap nuts:

 And a picture after using them for a month:

You can't really tell a lot of difference from the picture, but I know my hair feels nice.


  1. Wow! I had no idea. Now I do have soap nuts on my next order from Mountain Rose Herbs, but I had no idea how lovely it would work-thanks for sharing!!


  2. I am ordering soap nuts today! Carla, try some coconut oil for your hair! I love it - no more dry, split ends, no more breakage! Coconut oil and finger-combing has allowed my hair to grow from chin length to almost waist length in 2 years! Google coconut oil for hair if interested. It has made SUCH a difference!

  3. Well, I can see a drastic change in the hairs of the above girl. let us hope the same change become a part of every girl which is affected by the same problem.

  4. I use soapnuts for laundry. Works a treat


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