Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day of Rest

"I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto me and rest..."

That song has been going through my mind this afternoon.  My past month has been crazy.  I cannot remember a time that I have been so on the go.  From trying to get this adoption stuff done: Waxahachie for fingerprints, Godley for CPR training, Arlington for PRIDE classes, Joshua for TB tests, then Burleson to have the results checked two days later...Plus, Mary Susannah has a persistent eye infection that has taken us to Hillsboro, Cleburne and Fort Worth for doctor appointments, plus Alvarado for prescriptions - to count, four different ones...then add to that normal, everyday life of buying groceries, running to Walmart and the library and the Dollar Store and church and piano lessons...it makes for days of running, running, running and spending fortunes on gas.
And this is one stay at home mama who wants to STAY AT HOME again!

So imagine my pleasure when I woke up this morning, checked my planner (yes, I actually bought one of those) and saw that there was nothing...NOTHING written down for today!  I was going to get to just stay home, and I was so grateful...
I slept in, which means I didn't get out of bed until 7:30.  I made breakfast for Tommy with pleasure, because I had time and didn't feel rushed.  I cooked a big box of apples into applesauce.  I even had a bit of time to crochet, and that was awfully nice...
Tomorrow looks empty, too, so that makes TWO days with nothing to do.  But Thursday, we start back up again, and will be going for several more days.
But hey, two days of rest!  I'll be ready...

So, Mary Susannah has had this eye infection for two months now.  First we were told it was pink eye.  Then we were told it was a contact related injury.  Then last week, we were told it was actually a virus, like a fever blister, on her eye.  At this point, it is not sight threatening, but it's very painful and sometimes she cries because she has been hurting for so long, and she's getting so tired of it all.  She can't wear her contacts for now, and yesterday, we picked up glasses for her and also for Luke.   She finally got a picture of herself that she will let me publish:

Luke likes his a bit better, it's kind of fun to see clearly for a change, I guess.

I think they are both beautiful, glasses and all!!

On a better note for Mary Susannah: the dream of her life lately has been a fancy camera.  Her dad has been feeling pretty sorry for her, so last night, he came home and announced they would go and get her an early birthday present.  She came home a bit later, ecstatic, with a new Canon something or other...It's big and even sounds expensive when it clicks.  Her dream is to do this professionally, and she is certainly good at taking pictures.
Aren't I lucky to have her in the family to do all my picture taking?

So that's how we've been lately.  Life is too fast paced for a mommy who is not used to all that.  I'm longing for days where there isn't a reason to leave my house again, and I can crochet and watch the chickens peck and the kids play and talk to the big ones.  It'll come again.  Today, I'm just glad for a chance to rest and catch my breath!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you are my hero. Reading about what you're doing is what gives me courage when I think about my adopted daughter having bio siblings that may appear in my home in the future. I often think I am too old for that possibility but your story gives me courage. Susan

  2. Based on what you said it sounds like Mary never had glasses before and was only relying on her contacts to see with? Wearing contacts as her only form of vision correction is a very bad idea. When she got her contacts she also needed to get glasses at the same time so she could wear her lenses for 8 - 10 hours a day and then switch to glasses. I hope she has decided that she needs to give her eyes breaks from her lenses. If she isn't careful the doctor can and will not allow her to even wear contacts anymore. I am a retired optician.


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