Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aftermath of Texas Storm

First we have long hot summers that are so hot it hurts when you go outside.  Then September comes, and suddenly we have storms.  Big, hard, scary, flooding type storms.

They tend to blow all kinds of things into our house,  including grandsons...

...who love to eat cheese sticks and tell things to their grandmas.  The bad thing about grandsons who are this big is that you can't post the funny things they say on facebook or your blog without risking their not talking to you anymore, ever, for the rest of your life.  Even if the things they say have an enormous amount of funny wisdom that would make a whole blog post of it's on!  And in fact, the funny thing they said that you wish you could post, actually have to do with posting everything you know, or think you know, on facebook.

Okay, moving on. 

I had to go out anyway and feed the animals, so I decided to have a look around and see what storm that had kept us inside yesterday had done to our place.  I found dogs laying in a muddy spot under a tree, because it was flooded under our porch where they usually lay:

I found muddy eggs in the nesting box, where chickens jump in without wiping their feet first to lay.  But I still bet they don't have salmonella in them!  Which is yet another blog post subject...

I had to pen my chickens and their buddy the goose up because, like I said, under the porch, where the chickens happily hide from the heat with the dogs, is flooded, and they had decided to take refuge from the storm on my FRONT porch - ON it, not UNDER it.  Have you ever seen what a goose can do when he decides to...ummm... go #2?  Let me assure you that you do NOT want to step in it, or even worse, have your three year old step in it.  In bare feet to add insult to injury, and send him into a frenzy, which will entail him running throughout the entire house from one end to another and up the stairs trying to find mommy and spreading the mess everywhere.

And, no, those goats are NOT supposed to be out of their pen.  Poor hubby just can't figure out how to keep them contained.  While I was feeding these animals, I was thinking about his plight.  How would you like to be an attorney, spending your day dressed in a suit handling life's problems, and come home to your wanna be farmer wife, who wants you to take off your suit, wallowing in the muck and build fences?  Actually, the goats running around the yard do not bother me a bit, but they DO bother him, because they climb the steps to his office and...ummm...go #2, which he steps in and tracks into said office.  I'm sure he wishes he had married the type who would rather have diamonds than goats.  Then he could buy them and be done with it.  Goats tend to be an ongoing project, and at least at this house, are IMPOSSIBLE to contain.

So I move on from the goats and dogs and chickens, and decide to see where my younger children have run off too.  I managed to keep them indoors long enough to do school and eat lunch, and then they were off.  And by off, I mean out of our yard and into the ditch across the road.  The mud in the yard just isn't deep enough it seems. but in a ditch, it's just endless...

I'm sort of considering throwing them, clothes and all, into the washing machine in a bit.  Is that legal?

To end this blog, I wanted a picture of my beautiful thirteen year old girl.  Can someone explain to me why this child, who takes pictures of me and everyone else by the thousands, always does THIS when I try to take her picture???

SIGH... oh well...

Totally off  the subject, but I am reading this book right now, and am completely enjoying it.  Somehow I missed this one when I was growing up. I found all four of the books in this series at a garage sale for fifty cents each.  I can hardly wait for nighttime when the kids are off in bed, and I can curl up and read!  And just think, I have FOUR books written by this wonderful author, who writes about the things I'm interested in...


  1. I feel like I've had a visit at your place! :)

    Micah has read most of James Herriot's books and enjoyed them very much.

  2. my goodness the three younger ones are really getting big. Too bad your daughter didn't let you take her picture the last time i saw her she was so beautiful. You continue to amaze me with your lovely family life on your farm. Betty


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