Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy weekend

I love holidays when I can get my whole family, or at least most of them, here at my house.  I looked forward to yesterday all week, and it didn't disappoint me!

It started out on a sad note, as son Beau set fire to our famous playhouse.  Yes, it was getting very old, and had holes in the upper and lower floors, and leaned dangerously when the kids were on top.  It wasn't safe anymore, and was fast turning into an accident ready to happen.  But I loved that old playhouse.  I got it for free from CASA when Angel-Leah was still my foster child, and I still had MiMi, and it always reminded me of her.  I hated to see it go:

But I lost the battle, and now all that is left is a bare spot in the yard.  I think I will plant a tree there, and call it MiMi's tree...

Okay, enough sad stuff!

Of course, no Easter weekend starts out right without new ducks and chicks, right?

Well, okay, these are geese and turkeys...and Easter had nothing to do with my buying them.  Now that I don't have babies anymore, I've decided to work hard and have the poultry farm I dream of having.  But the timing was right!

I also have an incubator full of eggs - and some kind of other eggs that Luke found in a nest yesterday.  I am trusting these are not snake eggs, which will hatch and eat all the chicken eggs in the incubator while I sleep.
I DON'T like snakes.  But Luke was so proud of these eggs, and he's so cute...

On top of everything else, we got a new puppy!  Lacy and Goliath are getting old, really old, and I've liked having Pyrenees for guard dogs, so it's time to find replacements, and retire the faithful, elderly ones.

So amid all this other excitement, my children and grandchildren all piled into our house for Easter dinner late yesterday afternoon.  Well, it ended up being Good Friday dinner, because daughter Celeste has to work Sunday, and we couldn't have Easter without her.

For some reason - maybe because I have so many older sons and grandsons, no family get together is complete until they get the guns out.  As you look at this picture, admire the newly mown pasture - something I have worked on for the past several weeks!!

What pretty, dainty daughters think they need to shoot guns for, I will never know, although likely Mary Susannah never shot that gun and was just posing with it!

While they were out doing shooting guns,  the adults were inside, talking.  And talking.  And talking.  And eating the rest of the food!

And speaking of pretty daughters, I have a wonderful overabundance of pretty daughters and granddaughters:

I'm a content mom and grandma.  Do I look happy?

Well, I am!

We took lots of pictures yesterday.  We went through some pretty funny ones before we got what I thought was the perfect one.  Rachael doesn't get to voice an opinion!!

Today, we had our regular outing to the Resurrection Pageant in Keene.  Angel-Leah and Tommy's birth grandma gives us tickets every year, and we really look forward to going:

We all cried, and Tommy clapped so HARD when "Jesus" rose from the dead.  It was worth it all just to see that.

I am sort of glad that most of the weekend activity is over now, and tomorrow is reserved just for worship services.  I hope we will have a quiet afternoon just to reflect on what the Lord has done for us when he saved our souls.


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