Sunday, October 28, 2012

Older Women Responsibility

Titus 2: 2 - 5  Older women likewise are to be reverent in their that they may encourage the young be that the word of God will not be dishonored.

I am angry...I do know the Bible verses that tell us the way is narrow, and few will find it. (Matthew 7:14)  But still, I am angry and amazed, and very, very sad...

Until tonight, I did not know who Channing Tatum was.  Yes, I've heard of the movie, "Magic Mike".  Mommy porn, they call it.  But it is not in the realm of my existence.   I don't watch movies, and really, I did not want to know about this one, so I didn't really listen when people were talking about it.  I "avoided what is evil" and tuned it out. 

I saw pictures of Channing Tatum sometimes on Pinterest, but again, I  honestly did not know who he was.  I look at the DIY pages, the home pages and the kids pages.  Sometimes I go to recipes.  I don't look at the men and women pages, or the movie pages.  I see movie and TV stars popping up once in a while, but again, since I don't watch movies, I didn't know who many of the younger ones were, and I didn't pay attention.

Until tonight.  Until my new daughter, Miss C, began to gush over this man as she sat in my bedroom with me, scrolling facebook and pinterest.  Until she began to drool over this man, and I asked who he was.  "He's that stripper," I heard from my two 15 year old girls.
"Stripper??"  I asked, dropping my crochet, and sitting up.
"Yes, mom,"  Mary Susannah replied.  "Rachael was talking about how fat women love him the other night, remember?"
Maybe I should pay more attention to her?  Because while I do remember her funny redition of the fat ladies drooling over some man, at the same time, I tuned out this stuff that isn't "in my world."

And it doesn't come into my world until it concerns my daughters...

Especially when the new one wants to defend him.  "Oh, he's married now."  she declares.

"Is he the one in that nasty movie?"  I ask.

"Yes, but he was just making a movie about his life."  she says.

"Get away from that!"  I tell her.  "Do not  click like.  Do not look at his pictures.  Do not have anything to do with that, do you hear me?  Shame on any grown woman you see that posts anything positive about that man.  Especially if they are trying to claim to be in Christ."

Looking rather shocked, my new daughter got off that page.  She's a good girl.  She is trying.  She doesn't understand - yet - what the Bible means when it tells us to flee from evil, to not join in with it, and to be holy, because without holiness, NO ONE WILL SEE THE LORD!!  (Hebrews 12:14)  And how can she, when women who claim to be Christians like this stuff??

I am angry tonight.  I am angry that there are so few women who will stand up for what is right, and be the example of purity that the Lord wants us to be.  Yes, I know that few find that narrow road, but those who are claiming it, do you know what the Lord asks of you?  Do you understand at ALL, the responsibility you have to the younger women of the world?

So the word of God will not be dishonored, the Bible says.  When we fail in teaching our younger women purity, we are causing the word of God to be dishonored.  Understand that, ladies, we are causing the word of God to be dishonored.  Blasphemed, some versions say.  That is a SCARY thing...

  I am trying to hard to help my new daughter find that narrow path, and how hard it makes it, when women who go to church and claim to be Christians post pictures of nasty, unsaved men, and hold them up to admire.

God, please forgive...and help me teach my daughters that this is NOT the way to go...


  1. Fat women like strippers in general, but they really love Magic Mike, or at least it sure seems that way from what I gather....


  2. I am a fat woman and I don't like strippers .......... nor have I seen Magic Mike.

    1. Skinny or fat or inbetween, we are called to purity and holiness!

    2. I agree, Carla! But my statement was to "Fat women like strippers in general, but they really love Magic Mike."
      I am wondering why someone would feel a "fat woman" would feel more drawn to this type of thing? Personally, I find watching my husband push our children on the swingset, or letting our daugther put barrettes in his hair when she plays "beauty shop," or walk our son to school...these things are far more attractive to me than some sweaty guy dancing.

      So consider this a friendly rebuttal. :)

    3. Friendly rebuttal taken. That quote was from my daughter, who has some friends who might go to strip clubs or would watch this movie, unfortunately.
      Most of the people I would hang out with, overweight, underweight or in between, would not do this, which is why I felt safe letting my new daughter on our Pinterest site. I guess I will be more careful. It did bring about a nice discussion.
      And I do have to say, after having given birth seven times, and now being an older woman, I'm not exactly featherweight anymore, and I don't care for strippers either! :o)

  3. I remember hearing about this movie, and I remember also thinking what a double standard of living we have even among supposedly Christian circles.. I dont think oogling over a movie that promotes male stripping and lusting is any less sinful than if a man was oogling over a woman stripper and lusting after her.. its both nasty and plain out wrong..

    If we find ourselves thinking this is ok, we better read our Bibles thoroughly and question the friends we find ourselves amongst if they too are thinking this is cool and ok..

    1. I completely agree that it's wrong for either sex! It was just a Christian woman that my daughter has reason to like who was posting something about this man.

  4. I did not or ever will watch the stripper movie but Im not sure its about his life, and I too was shocked about how many "christian" woman stodd in line to watch that movie is he the same guy who played in the movie the Vow, very good movie about standing by your spouse probably still a little mature movie for kids with some nudity in it but good message overall.

  5. This is from a friens's Facebook entry about Pinterest: (shocking)

    I don't know if you worry about your significant others, but for those of us with kids at home, this is sad - and yet good to know. The below came from one of my friends whose husband has also struggled with internet addiction. Thought y'all would want to know too...cause I sure didn't.

    Did you all know that graphic and disturbing pornography is available via Pinterest?! I just found this out tonight while simply perusing the site. They make a valiant effort to keep it out, but there are so many others who are fighting daily to get it on there (UGH!!!). Please be aware that these images are shown without having to click on them. That means that safety blocks do not flag them unless they are actually clicked on and re-directed to the original site they were pinned from. There is also a Pinterest app and the same applies. These are very graphic and ANY and ALL forms are available. Therefore, this is not only a dangerous site for our men, but for any children/teens you know who have a Pinterest account. Please tell others this, in private, so as not to encourage "curiosity" searches. My heart breaks at seeing how many ways, and how rampantly, the enemy desires to bring us down. Stand strong, ladies...Ephesians 6:16 - "In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one:"

  6. I don't think that any Christian should be "oogling" anyone, male or female. Why is it inappropriate for men to view women a certain way but it's not seen as equally appalling for women to treat men that way? We are the temple of the holy spirit and that is too easily forgotten in our sex appeal culture.

    1. I completely, completely agree with you. But in this blog, I was just addressing the women, because I am a woman myself, and because my girls have women they look up too!

  7. Very good post! I had no idea what all the hub bub on C. Tatum was about. Wasn't interested, didn't look into it. Yes, we definitely need to be a good example to the younger women, and not just in cooking and cleaning.


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