Wednesday, July 11, 2012

small Texas town

Eleven years ago, I moved to the very small Texas town of Grandview.  I moved with big dreams of being a member of a church that is here.  Although that has not worked out quite like I dreamed it would, I still love living in Grandview. 

Part of the reason is that even though this little town only sports ONE stoplight:

It does have one glorious thing that we visit all the time:

A snow cone stand!!

This little stand makes the most wonderful snow cones.  My absolute favorite is caramel apple.  The very talented lady who owns this stand puts caramel on the bottom, half way up in the middle, then over the top.  It is out of this world!!  I wish I had thought of taking a picture of it before I dived into it, but I was too anxious to get it in my mouth.  I did get a picture of Angel-Leah's favorite, though, rainbow:

Yes, she puts gummy bears on the top of her snow cones, which is the little kids favorite part.  Today, Luke and Tommy decided to try a new flavor, frog in a blender!

That sounded a bit too gross for me to even taste, but the snow cone lady assured me it was nothing more than watermelon and strawberry.  But hey, a little boy can dream, can't he??

Do I look happy?  Yes, I love this place:

I have learned that if at all possible, the best place to go right after the snow cone stand is the next most wonderful place in Grandview - the Water Park:

And that's because usually, after a snow cone, the kids look like this:

That's "frog in a blender" all over the front of his shirt.  And look at that napkin wrapped around his cup.  Yes, he needed the water park.

The best part of the water park is that it's free.  So we go there a LOT!!

Luke's little sister has learned to love it as much as we do!

Here's big brother, Luke:

And we even got Mary Susannah to go with us this week.  She thinks she's getting too big for the water park, but sometimes she likes to come and take pictures.  She took most of the pictures on this blog, including this one:

She's a master at "point the camera at yourself and shoot".

Grandview, Texas...I plan on being here for the rest of my days!


  1. Hey :) I am only 85 miles from you . so cool

  2. lol we only have 1 stop light as well LOL

    1. It's fun, isn't it? I love living in a small town!

  3. It's a wonderful life! Thanks for sharing.
    We love you.
    Nanny and Poppy.

  4. I Love it.I use to be from Arlington, moved to small town,then when I got married moved to Stephenville for 8 years ,then back to Bowie,now just moved to Alvord in April :)
    That would be great to meet up :)


  5. Oh Carla, On my blog I am having a Head veil Giveaway :)

  6. Carla, jeff is planning a road trip on the 3rd for my birthday :) I asked if we could go see yall :)


    1. We would love to have you over to visit!

  7. Great I will tell jeff, I will e-mail you my cell number :)

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  9. Ok I sent you an e-mail with my cell :)

  10. Hello Raley, I am an art teacher at Wilmington Christian Academy in Wilmington NC. Can one of my art students have your permission to use the top photo as a reference for a painting project they are working on? Thanks for posting these photos.

  11. Yes, I would love for your students to use that picture! Send me a photo of their finished project!


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