Monday, January 23, 2012

Unexpected Weekend Visit

I had my weekend all planned out.  I had the coupons clipped, I was going to shop.  I even thought about asking Bill for a couple of hours to go to the fabric store with Mary Susannah alone.  I was kind of looking forward to it.  Doesn't every lady love to shop?

But about three in the afternoon on Friday, I got a phone call.  The new foster mom of Luke's sisters was sick enough that she was going into the hospital.  The family needed a sitter for the weekend, and right away, the adoption worker thought of me.  Could I keep them on such short notice?

I will pick them up and keep them forever, I thought, but I answered out loud, of course!!

Two hours later, I pulled up in front of La Gran Plaza in Fort Worth, and little sister jumped out of foster dads car into my arms.  They were back, even if it was just for a day or two.

Once we had transferred their things and foster dad left, big sister talked me into actually going into this Spanish mall.   Birthmom spent most of her time with Spanish people, although she herself was not Spanish, and big sister had visited this mall many times with her and little sisters biodad.  So in we went, and I felt like I had been transported into another world.  I got a glimpse of what it must be like to be Mexican in a white world.  I didn't understand the music and everything there was geared to another culture.  Since big sisters favorite ice cream store was closed, I managed to get us out of there pretty quick.

Having them back that night was like a dream come true and although the kids mostly concentrated on each other instead of me, I enjoyed just hearing them in the house again.

The next day we were up early, and big sister wanted to make smoothies for everyone.  I said sure, that was a good idea, and headed off to stick a load of clothes in the wash.  When I came back, I found that my idea of a smoothie, and big sisters idea of a smoothie were quite opposite: my idea? Fruit and juice blended together.  Big sisters idea? fill the blender with chocolate ice cream and a pina coloda Popsicle, add coke for liquid, and throw in an orange for good health. 
Everyone liked it but Tommy, who pronounced it "gross".  I think it had something to do with the orange pulp floating on top.

We had one bad spell with little sister, as she clung to my waist and begged me to let her "be adopted to me."  She cried and cried while I tried to explain that I tried so hard, but they wouldn't let me because they thought it would be too hard for big sister to adjust to our lifestyle.  She promised me that they would like it.  I told her to pray, and I would too, and we would see what happened.  But that I would always be there anyway, even if I couldn't be her mommy.  I would come get her every chance I got!

Mary Susannah really wanted to go somewhere, but it's expensive to take seven children and myself just about anywhere.   A wreck on the highway at the end of our land, complete with a careflight helicopter, captured their attention for a while  Once all the emergency vehicles had cleared away, Mary Susannah and big sister headed for the creek, where the wrecked car had landed, to see the scene.  Once they got back, we decided to go to the lakehouse and have a hot dog roast.

Big sister and Angel-Leah quickly climbed trees:

I had packed my crochet bag.   After the hectic morning, I had visions of myself crocheting while the kids played.

That lasted for less than five minutes before the four little ones were begging me to go down to the lake.  Oh, well, I thought...I can crochet at home...
We headed off.

Luke and his little sister are two of a kind.

Beau didn't stay long, and Mary Susannah stayed behind to paint some furniture:

It was pretty fun watching their excitement, and I even found what I proclaimed to the kids was my throne, which I dusted off and sat on a ledge so I  wouldn't have to sit in the mud:

It did get cold by that lake though, and soon I told the kids that Dad had a fire going.  That was all it took to get them running back up the hill.
Coming back, I found Beau on the roof.  This boy, who would never notice that the kitchen floor needed sweeping, was on top of the house, sweeping the roof...

Bill got a campfire going:

The sun set, and before long we were roasting hot dogs and eating S'mores.

 Wow, Beau looks like Gage in this picture.  Maybe because it's so blurry?

I had the grand idea that I would take along pajamas and towels and get the four little ones their church baths while we were there, then we could just put them in bed when we got home.  But just as I walked towards the house, Bill informed me he forgot to turn on the hot water heater...So I sat back in my chair while he did that, and enjoyed the fire a while longer.  What is it about a campfire that makes you never want to leave?

After a bit, I tried the baths, but they were pretty cold, and I finally gave up by the third bath trying to get the water warm enough.

No trip to the lakehouse would be complete without a picture of the house mascot:

This silly frog is an icon there, and always gets attention.  Who knows why?

The next day was church.  Little sister was pretty good, although we did have to go out once.  Our services are very long, and during the last 15 minutes, who should come walking into the auditorium but Max!  I was surprised, and wondered.  Tommy ran from the ladies side to the men's side to sit with him - Luke was already there with Beau.  Then in a minute, I saw that Spencer was also there on the back row.  My heart began to pound - I didn't know why both boys would be there during the final minutes of the service, and all I could come up with was that something terrible had happened, and they had both shown up to tell me...My mother?  No, they would not have sat down, they would have gotten me out of the service.  My mind went all kinds of places, but in the end, it turned out that Max was coming to church to be with us when his car broke down on the highway, and Spencer was the only family member he could get ahold of.  So Spencer rescued him, and they both came to church and stayed for fellowship meal.  It was so nice for us all to be there together, and they helped a lot with the little ones.  Afterwards, Max had a funeral to go to, Spencer dropped him off, then came back to our house.  Later, Max came back with things to make pizza.  I had to drop the girls off before it was ready.  We parted this time without tears, just promises to get together as soon as we could.

I miss them already....


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  2. What a blessing! I am delighted for you that you were able to have the children. I am still praying for you all about the situation. May the Lord's will be done.

    1. Thank you so much for praying for us. We've had them a few more times since, and it's always a blessing!


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