Monday, December 12, 2011

I found it

Four years ago next month, Tommy came to live with us.  He was a sick, sad, almost six month old baby boy.
I was a sad, grieving older mom, grieving for my little foster daughter who had left to go live with her biological family only weeks before, after living with me for twenty months.

A few months later, while still trying to make sense of life, I went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert with my son Max and my daughters, Mary Susannah and Angel-Leah.  Steven Curtis Chapman had just lost his little daughter to a tragic accident.  I cried throughout most of the concert, missing my MiMi as he talked about missing his little daughter.

But then, he sang "When Love Takes You In."    This concert was for a pregnancy crisis center, and they had a video for this song.  I describe the impact and insight this video gave me in this blog post .  It comforted my hurting heart, and finally made me understand what I could not understand before.

I went home from this concert, and searched and searched for the youtube of this song that had the tow headed baby boy in it.  I could not find it anywhere.  Yet, that made the message even more strong to me.  God was talking to me personally.  I understood, and I accepted what He was teaching me with the song and the video.

Then, tonight, a friend sent me a link on my facebook page of Steven Curtis Chapman singing a song.  After I watched it, I clicked the video to call up more of his songs, and I saw that the song "When Love Takes You In" was there, and not only there, but it was a concert recording where they showed the video.  I watched it, and here it was - the video I saw that night with the blond, fat baby crawling in it.  It was MY video, the one God used.  I am very excited to have found that particular one.  It may not mean a lot to anyone else, but it meant the world to me that night.

For all moms who have adopted, who are fostering, who have had to give back a beloved foster child, here's the link, and I pray it does for you what it did for me!

 When love takes you in

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