Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homeschooling the Auditory Learner

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you personally know your child and can tailor their education to fit the way they learn the best.  Your child is not stuck in a classroom with twenty other children who are all taught the same way, facing forward in a hard chair for hours every day as a teacher lectures them.

I have learned that Angel-Leah is an auditory learner.  Her birth grandmother gave her a box of Bible and character building cassette tapes, and she loves to spend hours just listening.  Only seven years old, she has gained a wealth of Bible memory, learning about Minor Prophets and obscure Bible stories that even I didn’t know well.  She recently discovered a tape about D. L. Moody and is fascinated by him.  She’s listened to her tape over and over and challenged her college aged brother with facts about him.  I found a book at Goodwill on his life for fifty cents, and bought it for her.  This wasn’t a child’s book, but she drank in every word as I read it to her, comparing what was told in this book with what she had learned on her tapes.

As my older children were growing up, I played a lot of CD’s for them.  One son, who just graduated from law school, told me that when he started college and had to write papers, the simple CD on grammar I had played for him ran through his mind all the time, and helped him a lot.  You can find this CD and more at http://www.audiomemory.com/index.php. 
This site has many great CD’s: geography, Bible, math, history, states and capitals and more.  We used, and still use the math CD’s quite a bit.  I plan on getting more of these for my little auditory learner as she goes along.

For Bible and character building, The Your Story Hour CD's are wonderful and are Angel-Leah's favorites.  She has learned so much history with these tapes (CD’s now) that I plan to buy more.  I can’t say enough about these wonderful stories.  They are a blessing!

Discovery Toys has another really nice CD for younger children.  The  Sounds like Learning CD, found at  is one that we’ve used over and over.  It teaches many things, months of the year, days of the week, counting, addition, nursery rhymes.  My little ones love it, and it’s even nice for me to listen too, as the voice of the singer on this CD is very pleasant.

Using CD’s and tapes in your homeschool is a good idea.  It takes some of the load off mommy, and children learn without realizing it!

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