Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Blog Look

One of the nicest thing about having teenagers is that they usually know more about the computer than their mother does.  And this afternoon, my fourteen year old daughter, Mary Susannah, showed me  how you can put pages on your blog now.

Well, I had always wanted to have a place where I could organize and display all the articles I have written, and looking at what she was doing on her own blog, I realized I had just found the way to do it!

So now I have ten new pages on my blog.  I spent all afternoon on this, so be sure and at least read the headings!!  It was quite fun, because I went back over everything I've written for the past three years, and the biggest part of my articles are now on this blog.  I'll be adding more as I write.

That same smart fourteen year old daughter also made dinner as her mom worked on this blog this evening.  I think I'll keep her...


  1. Good job! I look forward to perusing through your pages when I have a bit more time.

    Are you SURE that you want to keep Mary Susannah???
    I could sure use a daughter in the home about now. ;) She's a "keeper" for sure!

  2. Aww! Ya'll are too sweet! I love you, Mommy!:) Your blog looks beautiful!


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