Thursday, April 29, 2010

baby chicks

One of the most enjoyable thing about having a chicken farm is the day the new chicks come.  It starts at 6:30 in the morning with a frantic call from the Post Office, wanting you to COME GET THESE CHICKS!!  THEY ARE DRIVING US CRAZY!!
Well, okay, it's not that obvious, but yes, they are pretty anxious for you to get right down there, and they rarely fail to tell me the chicks are making them crazy with their peeping.

I bring the chicks home, and the box is attacked by eager little hands.  Did I say yesterday that chickens are not as cuddly as baby puppies?  Well, I take that back...

Their faces say it all, don't they?  Although big sister didn't think they were quite so cute, I made her take a picture anyway, so she can't say I don't put her in my blogs.  Anyway, she's so pretty I like to take her picture!

I ordered the Idea Poultry Special this time.  For $66, I got 10 assorted pullets (hens), 3 ducks, 2 geese, and 4 turkeys.  I also ordered 30 Buff Orpington pullets.  It was fun to open the box:

I love my chicken farm.  I love my big family.  Someday I hope I'll love those goats that I can't keep in a fence, and that break the Dollar Store chains I put on them.  Life is pretty good!!


  1. I actually slept with my sil's chicks the night after she brought them to my house. They got sopping wet in their watering trough and were shivering to beat the band. Hubby and I dried them off and then I curled up around the nest of them and slept on the floor. I was never so happy to get a shower the next day!

  2. Hi Carla! I loved your chicks so much, I tried to talk my hubby into letting me get some, but to no avail. He's just not a fan. He likes that we have so few animals now. Sigh.
    Hey- I wanted to let you know - I added a link to your blog from my blog today. I hope that's okay with you - it's meant as a compliment!
    ~ Dea


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