Saturday, August 8, 2009


We were so bored at home today. Bill took Beau and Mary Susannah on a weekend trip. Max was gone, Spencer was out in the guest house, finally I just told the little kids, "Go put on your bathing suits, let's go to the water park!!"

We jumped in the car and went. There was a big birthday party going on, so after a few minutes, I moved my chair from my normal spot over to the other side of the shady area.

In a few minutes, Tommy came running over, stopped short, and saw I wasn't where I usually am. Now if he had turned his head, he would have seen me, but all he could see was mommy wasn't there. He turned around and ran to Angel-Leah, and although he doesn't talk well, in a minute, she realized I wasn't there, either. I called their names, but the water slapping the pavement is so loud, they couldn't hear me. Angel-Leah got Luke, and he came over, too, and the three of them stood huddled closely together, staring at the spot where I usually sit. They looked so precious to me, standing there like that. I stood up and started over, then they saw me, their worried faces broke into a grin, and before I could even reach them, they all ran off to play.

I wish so much I could have had a picture of that...

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