Friday, July 3, 2009


My five year old daughter Angel-Leah was especially talkative today. And she wanted to talk about how old she is. She had figured out she was her two younger brothers, Luke and Tommy's elder, she said. She kept asking me questions that every mother of more than one child hears eventually: "When I'm six, how old will Tommy be? When I'm ten, how old will Luke be?" All these questions, and my patient answering, finally made her realize that no matter how many years go by, she will ALWAYS be older than Luke and Tommy. When you are only five, and not 45, this is a really nice realization.
Finally getting tired of talking to me, she decided to go lord it over her four year old brother, Luke. "I'm older than you are," she sweetly taunted. "I'll always be older than you."
Luke takes no notice of her, he's found some computer USB cords, and is busily tying a large metal dump truck to a toy wagon that used to hold blocks.
Not getting the reaction she was hoping for, she continued: "I'm your elder. I'm five, and you're four."
"PLBBBTTTTTT" Luke says as he begins to drag the wagon with the truck. It doesn't seem like he's listening to her.
She tries again,"I'm the oldest. I was born first."
Without looking up, Luke answered, "Yeah, but I was adopted first."

That totally stopped her in her tracks. Angel-Leah is smart, but she couldn't think of a comeback for that one.

I love being a mother!! Who needs a TV?

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