Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Decorating Your Son's Room

Most of the time a boy doesn’t really care a lot about what his room looks like. As long as you don’t paint it pink, he will get along just fine in his bedroom. But his mother will usually enjoy fixing it up according to his personality. As a mother of six sons, I have had a lot of fun decorating my boy’s room while they are still young enough to let me.

Usually a boy will have something he will enjoy spending a lot of time playing with, or pretending to be. Most little boys like cowboys. A mother who is not afraid to try something different can do something really special with this theme.
First, go to the home improvement store, and buy enough sky blue paint to paint the top half of all four walls. Then use white paint and a sea sponge, and sponge paint clouds on the blue paint.
Scrounge around for enough free weathered wooden fence to cover the bottom half of his walls. If none of your friends have any, join your local freecycle on the internet, and put a wanted ad up. You are likely to find someone who has some old fencing that they are willing to let you have, especially if you are willing to take it down.
Bring this fence home, and nail it to the walls around your son’s room. That’s pretty the extent of the hard work. You can hang cowboy hats, horse tack, coiled rope and all kinds of things from the boards of this fence. Buy a wall gun holder, and hang up your sons BB guns. Get some old barb wire, and make a wreath, putting rusty old spurs and cow bells on it. Many craft malls sell large or small silhouette cowboy figures that would be nice hung on the fence. I used left over fencing, cut if off a couple of feet high, and built a toy box against one wall.
You can make a quilt or comfort for the bed from squares cut from your son’s blue jeans, or purchase worn blue jeans from garage sales and cut squares from them. Back the quilt with bandanna material, and tie it with red yarn. Let your imagination soar.

For the boy who likes lizards or other reptiles, go to your local discount store, and buy paint in camouflage colors, and large sheets of bamboo. Paint three walls of the room with one of the camouflage colors, then sponge paint the other colors on in a camouflage pattern. Paint the window and door frames in the darkest color.
Put the bamboo sheets on the fourth wall, and put your son’s bed against this one.
If your son has a large reptile, purchase a loft bed, and use the space under the bed for a really large cage. You can either buy one, or build one with wire from the home improvement store. Buy books shelves and lighting, and fill them with cages for his various reptiles.
Buy either camouflage material and make curtains, or buy curtains in one of the colors you painted the room in. Or you could skip the curtains and get bamboo shades for the window.
Your son will have a room the other boys will envy!

A John Deere tractor room is very simple, because the things you would use to decorate the room are easy to find. Buy some green paint, the same color as the tractor, and paint the walls, then paint the baseboards in the blue color. Purchase the John Deere curtains, bedspreads and other things you want from your local discount store. This won’t be as unique, but your son will like his room.

Use your imagination, and your son’s interests, and enjoy making his room a place he will be proud of.

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