Tuesday, May 12, 2009

introducing our family

Welcome to my blog!
I am the mother of a large family, and have been married for 36 years to my husband Bill. I hope to write about things that will bless you. The main topics will be the things I know the best: raising a large family, homeschooling, adoption and foster care.

Our children are Rachael, 33 years old, and mother of four children, Celeste, 30 years old, mother of five children, Gage, 23 years old, a law student at the University of Virginia, Max, 21, who works at an organic butcher shop, Spencer 18, who works part time building gazebos, Beau, 15 years old, Beau takes guitar lessons and helps me with the animals on our farm, Mary Susannah, 12, who take voice lessons and helps me run the house and manage the younger children, Angel-Leah, age 5, our blue eyed, blonde beauty, Luke, age 4, who brightens our day with my favorite smile, and Tommy, age 21 months, who keeps us laughing.

A few pictures:

My oldest and my youngest children, Rachael and Tommy

daughters Celeste and Mary Susannah

son Gage and daughter Mary Susannah

sons Max and Tommy

son Spencer
Our youngest three children, Angel-Leah, Luke and Tommy,
with big brother Beau

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